Getting started

Building grobid-quantities and JDK 1.8 (it ships Gradle wrapper out of the box).

Build and install

First install the latest development version of GROBID as explained by the documentation.

Copy the module quantities as sibling sub-project to grobid-core, grobid-trainer, etc.:

cp -r grobid-quantities grobid/

Try compiling everything with:

cd PATH-TO-GROBID/grobid/

./gradlew clean install copyModels

You should have the directories of the models quantities and units inside ../grobid-home/models

Run some test:

cd PATH-TO-GROBID/grobid/grobid-quantities

./gradlew test

Start the service

Grobid quantities can be run as a service:

java -jar build/libs/grobid-quantities-{version}-onejar.jar server resources/config/config.yml

Demo/console web app is then accessible at http://localhost:8060

Using curl POST/GET requests:

curl -X POST -F "text=I've lost two minutes." localhost:8060/service/processQuantityText

Note that the model is designed and trained to work at paragraph level. It means that, for the moment, the expected input to the parser is a paragraph or a text segment of similar size, not a complete document. In case you have a long textual document, it is better either to exploit existing structures (e.g. XML/HTML elements) to segment it initially into paragraphs or sentences, or to apply an automatic paragraph/sentence segmentation, and then send separately to grobid-quantities the equivalent of a paragraph-size texts to be processed.


To run the training:

  • quantity model
cd PATH-TO-GROBID/grobid/grobid-quantities

./gradlew train_quantities
  • unit model
./gradlew train_units
  • value model
./gradlew train_values

the training and save the model produced in the latest iteration. 1000 iterations are largely enough.